Short papers

At the Journal of Business Models we wish to speed up the development of business model research. We do this by fast-tracking the business model publishing process in turn maximising the visibility and impact of your business model research. We expect papers to be submitted in a structured template.  


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Why JOBM short papers?

  • We wish to speed up the development of business model research!
  • We wish to fast-track business model publishing process! 
  • We wish to maximise the visibility and impact of your business model research!


What do we expect from you?

We ask for language-proofed papers with a clear focus and a singular clear message


Short papers can be within three different focus areas as outlined below:


  • Focus area A
    • Conceptual
    • Theoretical
    • Methodological
  • Focus area B
    • Empirical
    • Managerial
    • Educational
  • Focus area C
    • Tools
    • Processes
    • Facilitation


What do we expect from you?

Structured papers should be submitted in a template (download it here) with these outlines:


  • Follow the template, meaning max:
    • 4 pages
    • 2 figures or tables
    • 25 references
  • Identification (Article Title Page)
    • Title (10 words)
    • Abstract (50 words)
    • Key words (3)
    • Authors’ names and affiliation
    • Acknowledgements (max 30 words)
  • Contents
    • Introduction
    • Approach
    • Key insights
    • Discussion and conclusions
    • References


What do we promise you?


  • A fast-tracked double-blind review process

–      Six reviewers, the majority needs to accept

–      Rating according to

  1. Accept as is
  2. Minor revision
  3. Reject

–      Across the three acceptance criteria

  1. Theoretical, Empirical or Practical Novelty
  2.  Theoretical, Empirical or Practical Relevance
  3. Clarity of argumentation
  • Fast publishing

–      Decision in 20 days from submission to acceptance, minor revision or rejection

–      Instructions for revision from each reviewer provided in max 100 words

–      2 weeks given for submitting a revised version

–      In-print versions online instantly