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Exploring Value as the Foundation of Value Proposition Design

Published: 30.12.2016

by Taman H. Powell , Mathew Hughes


Purpose: Business models de ne the activity system that an organization employs to create and capture value. As such, business models are essentially the application of strategic management. The term business model, however, suffers from definitional ambiguity which makes the construction of effective business models problematic. We argue that this ambiguity is largely due to a lack of clarity around value. This paper seeks to provide clarity around value and in doing so aid in the development of effective business models.

Design: Theoretical paper that deconstructs value into use value and exchange value and develops these concepts.

Findings: We deconstruct value into use value and exchange value to explain the micro-conditions of value creation and capture. In doing so, we also provide an explanation of how VRIN and non-VRIN resources can be traded for gain as well as opening up greater strategic options for managers in their development of business models.

Originality / Value: Against the background of the study’s focus on BMI, its comparably broad literature basis, and its quantitative and qualitative analysis approach, which provides straightforward recommendations for future research, the study caters an original contribution to the eld.

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