The Business Model Matrix: A Kit for Designing and Innovating Business Models

Nedo Bartels


Business Model Innovation, Business Model Patterns, Business Model Dimensions, Construction Kit


Purpose: How is it possible to systematically develop business model innovations for different domains?
This paper provides a novel answer, using a methodological approach called Business Model
Matrix (BMM), and addresses business model threats with appropriate strategies and concepts to
develop innovative and comprehensive business models.

Design/Methodology/Approach: This paper addresses the idea of a pattern-based development
of business models and merges different approaches to offer a business model construction kit for
systematic development.

Findings: The approach demonstrates how business models can be developed using relevant issues
of a business model that need to be answered (business model questions) with appropriate proposals
or patterns that are able to tackle the issues raised (business model answers).
Research limitations / Implictions: The method presented here is primarily aimed at modelers who
have developed at least a basic concept of a business model and are looking for systematic ways to
innovate the developed concept transparently.

Originality/Value: The added value of the presented approach lies in the fact that both a holistic
structure for considering all relevant aspects of a business model and suitable choices for each
business model aspect are provided.