Business Model Scalability in the Cloud Business Context

Marko Juntunen, Petri Ahokangas, Hang Nguyen


Business Model, Business Model Change, Cloud Computing, Business Model Scalability


Purpose: The paper explores the antecedents to business model scalability.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The paper is conceptual and exploratory in nature and builds on the practice / action learning approach.

Findings: The paper presents an action research based framework for approaching and understanding the change needs of business models and business model scalability as practices. These practices are based on a literature review of business opportunities, scalability and market dynamics.

Practical Implications: From a managerial and entrepreneurial perspective, the findings of the paper highlight the role and dynamism of the business environment and the continuous assessment of the business environ- ment in evaluating business opportunity and changes in opportunity.

Originality/Value: The paper proposes a novel framework for business model synchronization against business opportunity, and vice versa. It also connects the business model to the market and hence to the market value of the rm.